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What is Blockchain?

The blockchain is a digital list of accounts or records kept secured using advanced cryptography. Each of the records contained on the blockchain is shared into chunks known as blocks. Each block is linked to the previous block before it. You must understand that these blocks comprises of digital information and have three parts.

In the first part, the blocks store information about transactions, for instance, time, date, and amount of items you purchase. Secondly, they store information of those involved in the transaction. Lastly, the block stores information that separate one person from another. For instance, your name is different from another person and this distinguishes both of you. However, the block uses a unique code referred as “hash” to store information.

Without integrating blockchain into your business, you will lag behind while others modernize their ways of doing business in this 21st century. Don’t allow your business to be left behind; do away with the traditional system of handling your business activities by investing in Robotics Chief Blockchain services.

What can you achieve by implementing Blockchain?

Do you know that your business stands to benefit immensely from implementing blockchain?Today, businesses

are using blockchain to change their traditional business models.It is important for you to be part of

this new trend that is taking businesses to the new level. If you implement blockchain

in your business, you will get

Greater transparency

With blockchain, the transaction histories of your business can become more transparent. This is possible because you and those involved in sharing the network have the same documentation. Such transaction history can be updated through consensus – everyone has to agree to it. This makes your data on the blockchain more transparent, consistent, and accurate for you and your partners. This is one of the main purpose of blockchain.

Enhanced security

The blockchain is the best-secured method of keeping your records than any other record-keeping systems. Your transaction or information is stored through a network of computers rather than on a single server, which makes it hard for hackers to have access to transaction data. If you are involved in an industry where sensitive data must be protected, with the blockchain you can easily prevent authority activity and fraud.

Reduced costs

Every business owner priority is to reduce cost while maximizing profit. You don’t need any middleman or third parties when using blockchain because trusting your trading partner is not an issue. Rather, you have to trust the data stored on the blockchain. There will be no need to review documentation before a transaction is completed because all participant has access to a single, irreversible version of the document.

Increased productivity and speed

If your business depends on the traditional system of doing business, then you will agree that it is time-consuming, requires third-party mediation, and prone to human error. However, you can change this by streamlining and automating your way of doing business through blockchain. With the blockchain, you can boost of efficiency and speed in delivery your business to increase its productivity as well as speed.

Are you undecided and contemplating if the blockchain is necessary for

your business? Take a step to modernize your business today!

Where can you apply Blockchain?

Perhaps you don’t know where blockchain is relevant in your business. Well, there are various areas of applications of blockchain in your business, which will put you in the world map of successful businesses. These areas include:




   Supply Chain Management and Quality Control

   Peer-to-peer global payments

   Quality assurance

   Securities and commodities trading


   Decentralized Data Storage

   Human resource management ( from recruitment to payroll)

How can we help you?

We at Robotics Chief provide the leadership and technical expertise needed for you to implement blockchain in a real-life situation irrespective of what industry your business is. Our blockchain services are applicable to different industries including healthcare, financial services, and retail sector. We can help you to:


   Develop Ethereum and Multichain smart contract prototypes and ecosystems

   Develop solutions using Ripple

   Setup, maintain and incorporate the interledger between different blockchain networks

   Design and build front-end applications for your blockchain solution

   Smart contract audit

Let’s modernize your business with our blockchain services