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Robotics Process Automation

Control costs and increase efficiency by deploying virtual agents to take
charge of your business tasks.

What is RPA?

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is simply a process where you use robots to automate business processes by minimizing human intervention. It is all about mimicking human actions to perform a series of activities, which will lead to a meaningful outcome without any human involvement.

With robotic process automation, you make your employees more productive, improve your business, and increase your profit. RPA is very important for you and your business. However, if you still sit on the fence whether you need it or not, then it means you indeed need RPA for your business. It is time to move your business to the next level without additional cost.

What can you achieve by implementing RPA?

Robotics Process Automation is a very important asset in any enterprise’s digital transformation.

RPA is a low risk, non-invasive technology that you need no matter what industry

you function, as it’s a great value to business.

Processing Speed, Accuracy and Quality

With RPA, the business operations are done at least 60% faster than the human workforce and the work is performed error-free. Quality and Accuracy will lead your company to profitability

Cost Reduction

RPA helps in immediate and significant cost reduction at least by 25%. When work is automated, it is performed round-the-clock at a much lower rate which results in a better bottom line. It helps in reduce cost

Promotes Innovation

RPA allows employees to focus on higher value-added activities improving both business results and employee satisfaction and robots will take care of manual and repetitive tasks.Its promotes innovation

Granular Process Monitoring

RPA offers the ability to gather, organize, track, analyze and report valuable data to ease auditing and reporting for compliance and security purpose.Its helps in Process Monitoring

RPA is an important asset in any enterprise’s digital transformation.

What are you waiting for when you know how RPA can befit your business?

Where can you apply Robotics Process Automation?

Well, by now you might have discovered the benefits of robotics process automation, but might not be so sure of where can it be applicable for your business. If so, to let you know, RPA is all-encompassing as it applies to various area that most companies deals in, such as-


   Data Migration and Entry

   Extracting data from PDFs, scanned documents and other formats

   Periodic report preparation and dissemination

   Creating and Delivering Invoices

   Updating CRM

   Automating multi-step complex tasks that require little decision making

   And many more.

Do you have any manual process in mind to be automated? Let’s    connect

RPA Tools


Shines in Citrix automation. Web based Orchestrator. Visual process designer.

Blue Prism

Desktop, web and Citrix automation. Visual process designer. App based access.

Automation Anywhere

Reasonable accuracy. Script based. App based access.

Pega OpenSpan

Desktop automation. Desktop analytics. Real Time Dashboard.

How can we help you?

We at Robotics Chief develop and support all the RPA works. We’ve a cross-functional RPA teamwho can created a road map tied to your business outcomes.


   Determine key workflows or processes that needs to be automated

   Determine best suited RPA tool for targeted outcomes

   Put-up an Agile based plan for Design, Develop and Deploy the BOTs

   RPA team starts with Design & Development

   Testing the BOT to certify the behavior

   Deploy the BOT in UAT for business users to validate

   Get the sign-off from business users

   Deploy the BOT on Production for use


Let’s connect to discuss on RPA opportunities.